WP3 - Toolkit for involving seniors in civic participation

The Third Working Package involves the creation of an online toolkit in the form of a web portal in 7 languages. This webportal will provide navigators with a range of tools, resources and good practices that can be helpful for those who want to try to implement such methods in their environment and to activate seniors to act for local development in this way. In addition, international workshops for seniors from all participating countries will be organized in order to inspire them to get involved in new initiatives (using the methods of work collected within the project) and also to develop co-operation between senior organisations / communities from different countries, based on common European values.

In the WP3, the main results are:

  • A web portal addressed both to trainers and seniors (divided into sections) which will include tools for adult educators and resources as well as activities and inspiration for seniors
  • A group of at least 15 seniors from 6 countries who have participated in international workshops and got new knowledge, skills and relationships on European level