InterArt Foundation

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InterArt Foundation was founded in 2021 by group of experts in the field of Personal Development, Development of the Human Potential, Motivation and Inspiration, Career Guidance, Training of Trainers and Youth Workers, Youth Work, Nonformal Education, Interactive Teaching, Sustainable Development, Social Inclusion, Entrepreneurship and Alternative Employment, Community Development, Human Rights, Environmental Protection. In our work besides the classical well known tools we implement innovative psychological, coaching and training methods like NeuroGraphica®, NeuroFacilitation, mindfulness, visualisation, art therapy, MAC cards etc. These tools are visual creative tools for transformation of our way of thinking and lead to very fast results.

Gergana Deenichina – Director

Gergana Deenichina


telephone: +359888251700


Velina Dragiyska – Project Manager


telephone: +887018989