Inštitu Antona Trstenjaka za gerontologijo in medgeneracijsko sožitje

Short Description

Anton Trstenjak Institute of Gerontology and Intergenerational Relations (IAT), founded in 1992, is Slovenian expert, research and end-user NGO working on national and international level. The focus is on developing and carrying out social programmes for quality ageing and good relations for all generations. IAT offers expertise, know-how and experience in assessment of needs of older people, surveys, pilot testing of methodologies and ICT solutions, dissemination, evaluation, organization of workshops and conferences etc. As an end-user and research organization, based on a well-developed network spread all over Slovenia, IAT has access to hundreds of older persons, organized in self-help groups, from active, healthy, and independent older persons to those with chronic diseases and impairments. IAT coordinates WHO’s programme Age-friendly communities in Slovenia and publishes a scientific journal Good Quality of Old Age.