Short Description

CDER is an NGO headquartered in Jagodina (Serbia), founded in the end of 2005 at the initiative of qualified experts in different areas, aspiring to act locally, regionally, nationally and internationally and to become positive and creative factors of social development within national and European framework. Three key areas of CDER activities are youth, social and cultural policy. Members of the organization are the leading national consultants and experts from various fields. By the number of successfully finished and current project, CDER is the largest organization in Central Serbia and one of the largest in the country. Our beneficiaries are primarily legal entities – NGOs, local self-governments, various public institutions (schools, libraries, tourist organisations, cultural centers, centers for social work, development agencies etc.), as well as citizens – adult educators, youth workers, youth, adults, seniors and vulnerable people in particular. CDER organizes a series of different training courses for youth, adults, youth workers, adult educators, social workers... We have been developing innovative educational methods for over 15 years, especially focusing on online learning. Through various projects, we have created about 15 websites and around 10 online courses. We are also active in the innovative preservation and promotion of cultural heritage.